I'm Chelsea, relocated from Southern Cali to Oregon.
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I just quit my job to follow my dreams.

In a month, I’m going to embark on the adventure of a lifetime; I’d like you to be a part of it.

We’re going to explore ice caves in Iceland. Climb volcanoes. Trek across glaciers. And chase the Northern Lights.

We’re going to trek through the Himalaya, sleeping in the shadow of giants — while experiencing the humble culture of Nepal.

We’re going to explore caves in Thailand. Waterfalls in Laos. Ride quads in Cambodia.

Join me — and together, we’ll Explore the Unimaginable.

Please check out my IndieGoGo to see how.

Twelve days until I embark on this epic journey. Please check out my Kickstarter below to see how you can be a part of it!

Explore the Unimaginable

Anonymous asked
Why did you cancel your Kickstarter?


Kickstarter is all-or-nothing funding, meaning that if the goal is not met, then no funding is awarded; more importantly, no backers are charged.

With only a week left to go and at 18%, I realized that it was unlikely to reach my goal, so I cancelled it and started an IndieGoGo Campaign instead.

With IndieGoGo’s flexible funding system, funding is awarded even if the goal is not met, which in this case, means that the backers will still have the opportunity to get their prizes (and I’ll still be able to receive a portion of the funding!)

I am using my own “life’s savings” to go on this adventure, but the IndieGoGo will allow me to bring danielbrucelee along, my adventure partner, manager, talent, assistant photographer, assistant producer, etc. Basically… a trip like this is difficult to undertake alone!

And besides, you guys don’t want to see a million selfies of me from around the world!


Delta Spirit ▲ FROM NOW ON [Official Video]

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Ice bucket challenge @mrsiborrego

That one time Cage took a picture with me.

That one time Cage took a picture with me.


Lesser Oceans vinyl and CD pre-order bundles are available now here! 


Lesser Oceans vinyl and CD pre-order bundles are available now here


libra will rarely divulge the depth of loneliness they feel, the alienation between themselves and their friends, the echoes of conversations that keep them awake at night or the endless inner chaos that seems to have no solution. sometimes librans just feel they get in the way, or people having a genuine bad day are personally agitated at them